A whole week to feel great about putting yourself first

27th of January - 2nd of February 2023


15th of April - 21st of April 2023


After a successful and wonderful first retreat, Carey invites you to join her for her next dates. The ME FIRST retreat is suitable for anyone who is brave enough to put themselves first. Just as they will tell you in the airplane on your way over to us:
'Put your mask on first. Then you can take care of the others!' 
Join Carey and all the incredible teachers and practitioners who helped her on her own journey to happiness at the award winning Lan Sabai retreat resort in Phuket.
'I spent years searching for the best teachers, instructors and tools to take care of myself in a sustainable way. I even traveled half way around the world to find them. I wanted all the right tools that I could use to balance myself and find peace no matter the circumstances and challenges happening around me. 
I gathered amazing tools along the way, learning from some of the most inspiring and talented teachers. Now I am excited to share them with people all around the world in our upcoming retreat.

The ME FIRST retreat will not only be a rejuvenating and healing experience, you will go back home with a clear plan on how to implement what you learned into your daily life.

You should never feel guilty about putting yourself first. Always remember, you can't pour from an empty cup. Come and fill up your cup at the ME FIRST retreat'

- Carey 

Welcome to the ME FIRST retreat 

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  • 7 days and 6 nights accommodations in a private, boutique, luxury resort
  • Internal Alchemy and Qigong for self healing and empowerment through the body, emotions, mind and spirit with Marissa Newell
  • Ice bath and workouts with Personal Trainer Chris Lawless
  • Powerful meditations and group healings with Sifu Ludovic
  • Breathwork sessions with Rich Nataraja
  • Yin Yoga Nidra practice for all levels to help you deeply relax and release what no longer serves you with Ali Temple
  • Workshops exploring your relationship with food and building balanced nutrition into your lifestyle with Orla McCallion
  • Sound bath with local Sound Healer Dao Sethi
  • Private transfers from airport (or Phuket hotel of your choice) on arrival date
  • Group transfers to airport on final date
  • All meals- healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner, smoothies and snacks sourced locally, organic when possible. 
  • Round trip to the world renowned Nai Harn beach
  • Private group excursion to one of Phuket's most popular spiritual destinations the Big Buddha and Wat Chalong Temple 
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Carey Shoemaker

3 years ago Carey decided it was time to create a happier,
healthier and more balanced lifestyle. 

Determined, excited but also a little anxious, she packed her bags and embarked on a journey away from her familiar surroundings. Thailand was calling her and she listened. After 2 years of travel she landed in Phuket. 

This is where she met a group of caring, dedicated and kind healers, who helped her find what she was looking for: happiness. 

These teachers, coaches and practitioners changed Carey's life and at 36 years old she feels like her life is finally getting started. 

Now her biggest wish is that other people can benefit from their incredible skills, care and dedication to helping others.
This is why she created the ME FIRST retreat. Carey will be your host and do everything in her power to make sure you have an incredible time together. 

Chris Lawless

Meet our fun, caring and endlessly positive coach, Chris.
Chris holds a Bachelor of Psychology and Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Melbourne. He  is a qualified Personal Trainer, Yoga & Breathwork Instructor, a certified Clinical Nutrition Consultant and a regularly published Wellbeing Coach.

He is optimistic, honest and he sincerely wants to help people reach their optimal wellbeing. Chris grew up on a farm in Australia and knows the value of hard work, helping out a friend and the strength that a community provides.

Underlying his education and training is a depth of lived experience that fortifies his ability to connect and understand his clients. From this, Chris is able to formulate transformative plans that enable clients to create fundamental and sustainable change in all areas of their life.

Orla McCallion 

Orla is a Psychologist & Behaviour Change Coach. She specialises in health behaviours, and works primarily with clients to heal their relationships with food.

Orla focuses on cultivating mindful eating practices, self reflection and resolving the mental blocks keeping you stuck. During your week with us, Orla will guide you through exploring your relationship with food and building balanced nutrition into your lifestyle, so that you can create the body and life you want.

Orla has a B.A. in Psychology and M.Sc. in Business from the University of Dublin, Trinity College. She also holds a P.Grad.Dip in Positive Psychology, along with certifications in Behaviour Change Coaching, Health Psychology and Nutrition.

Sifu Ludovic

Sifu Ludovic is a powerful energy worker and healer. He is a teacher of the Internal Arts and Qigong which he has been studying since 1995.

For 25 years he was a student of the advanced systems of internal alchemy, hermeticism, kabbalah and heaven-man-earth Qigong learning from his teachers Master Liu in China and from Sifu Mark Rasmus in Chiang Mai.
Sifu Ludovic has the ability to connect people to their highest potential by balancing their physical, emotional and mental bodies and assisting with spiritual alignment. 

Sifu Ludovic is Carey's mentor and teacher and has had a huge impact on her personal healing journey. 


Marissa Newell

Marissa began her journey in Qigong and Tai Chi Chuan in 2007. She studied Practical Wudang Tai Chi Chuan, before delving deeper into her practice through the study of Internal Alchemy and Qigong under SIfu Mark Rasmus and Sifu Ludovic. 

Marissa teaches Internal Alchemy and Qigong practices for self healing and empowerment through the body, emotions, mind and spirit. Practices explore the cultivation and transformation of energy in seated, standing and moving meditations. 

Rich Nataraja

Rich is our experienced breath work instructor. He is an expert of Pranayama techniques and his knowledge of how each technique effects the body systems is vast. 

He uses purification techniques using the breath and puts emphasis on therapy breathing practices. The exercises benefit the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system, the digestive system and the cardiovascular system. 

Rich is famous for his strict but also warm and personal approach to the teaching of breath work. He is talented with a special natural vision of his students needs which allows him to guide them in in the right direction to achieve the best result in their practice.

Ali Temple

Ali is a global yoga and meditation teacher, retreat leader and yoga teacher mentor. She's been teaching yoga since 2014 around the globe, primarily in North America and has completed over 1000 hours (and counting) of yoga and meditation teacher training. 

In Ali’s classes and retreats, she is passionate about helping sensitive, busy people overcome burnout through grounding yoga and meditation practices so they can refill their cup, reconnect to themselves and serve others while maintaining their energy levels through life's challenges.

Ali brings many years of wisdom, experience and integrity to her teachings while balancing the energy as an intuitive, empathic healer.  Her yoga and meditation modality specialities include but are not limited to: yin yoga, restorative yoga, vinyasa yoga, hatha yoga, yoga nidra, mindfulness meditation and she is also a reiki energy healer.

Dao Sethi

Dao is a mother of three and our sound healer from the north of Thailand.

She works at many of the popular resorts and healing centers in Phuket and will bring you to a deep state of relaxation and calmness with the sounds of her Tibetan crystal singing bowls. 



Lan Sabai was voted  Best Luxury Wellness Retreat

by luxurylifestyleawards.com


          Each private room includes:

  • Complimentary espresso machine with coffee, tea, etc.
  • Extra comfortable bed and bedding for a luxurious nights sleep
  • Mini-fridge
  • Wax burner or diffuser with lemongrass 
  • Non-plastic bottled mineral water
  • Spacious private balcony either pool access or overlooking the pool
  • Organic handmade soap, shampoo and body wash
  • High-speed Wi-Fi
  • Private bathroom with high end fixtures and lots of space for your belongings
  • Cushioned daybed
  • Secure safe for laptops
  • Writing desk with lamp
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"At Lan Sabai, we create healing cuisine that gives you a taste of Thailand. 

Our local chefs bring you the delectable flavors from the Land of Smiles, with organic, local ingredients for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Signature smoothies are concocted daily using fruit and vegetables straight from our organic garden such as mangoes, papayas, pineapples, beetroots, avocadoes and ginger, all mixed with fresh coconut milk.

Classic national dishes and Western favourites are flavored with our garden herbs, including lemongrass, basil, ginger, mint, chili and coriander. Every dish can be customized to your dietary preferences, whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, gluten free or have food allergies."

Accommodations & Pricing


All prices are quoted in USD

Single Room (one guest only) : 1990 UDS
Double Room (two guests - option one king or two twin beds) : 1800 USD

The retreat is limited to 12 guests max.

Email us if you have any questions about availability or payment plans [email protected]


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Traveling to Thailand 

From 1 July, 2022, foreign nationals are only required to show proof of either a certificate of vaccination or a negative RT-PCR or professional ATK test result within 72 hours of travel. These can be in a print or digital format. Random checks will be made on arrivals at Thailand’s international airports or land border checkpoints (in 22 provinces).

Meet Personal Trainer Chris Lawless
Why the Ice Bath? 
What will the workouts be like? 





Psychologist and behaviour change coach Orla McCallion shares more about her workshops




Meet Yoga Instructor Ali Temple

What are the yoga classes like?
Who are they suitable for? 





Marissa Newell shares more about the Qigong classes at the retreat